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[ El Jute ]


El Jute is the oldest feeding center, it opened in 2003.  It is in a village that lies just a few minutes walk from the Honduran border.  It is located on a well known contraband road.  This road is used to traffic illegal drugs, coffee, and bananas.
The people from this village earn their living strictly from agriculture.  The main crop is coffee, with corn running a close second.  Coffee is grown for exportation. While working the fields picking coffee beans the local workers earn $2 for picking a 100 lb. bag.  As you can well imagine they are not able to pick that much in a given day.  The majority of the fields are on the side of the mountain.
We have 50 children in this center.  Since it has been in operation for 7 years we have watched many children grow up and cycle through the program.  It is such a joy to see them healthy and serving God as a result of the feeding center!

[Pacren Feeding Center]


Pacren Feeding center is in the heart of the Chorti Maya culture.  Many of the people do not speak Spanish....they speak Chorti. 

This feeding center opened in Spring of 2008.  

It has 100 children, many are in serious condition physically due to malnutrition.  We have helped this village in many ways partnering with other individuals.  

For example we were able to build an entire community of houses for families that lost everything in a landslide, 

We helped the farmers learn how to terrace the land to help avoid erosion and are currently working on a water project for them to be able to irrigate their crops when the rains fail.

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