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Christmas in the Village

Christmas in the Village 2023
305 Families Praying for a Christmas Miracle!


We have officially kicked off the Christmas in the Village Project for 2023!  This year we have 305 families and over 700 children! 


Just $45 will sponsor an entire family for Christmas, giving them food and toys for all the children!  This year we have 305 families that need food for Christmas. 


Each family sponsored will put a light on the tree! When all the families have sponsors we will place the star on top. We are very busy around here prepping for the big Christmas event! There are so many activities planned this year, crafts and storytime with the children to tell all about that holy night when Christ was born! 


It seems like the same old story.....but it's true.  This year, once again, has been another very devastating year filled with drought, starvation and much devastation.  Many deaths among the children from dengue fever. Many of the families have nothing at all to eat on the days that the feeding center is not in operation. But despite all of that the Lord has blessed so sweetly. We are able to rise to the occasion because of you-OUR PARTNERS!  So we are asking for your help once more to help fill hearts and tummies this Christmas. We want to show them that God does still hear prayers and there is a reason to celebrate, for Christ has come!

Each family receives an amazing Christmas bag! With everything they need for chicken tamales, toys and much much more:

  • chicken

  • corn flour

  • spices

  • tomatoes

  • onions

  • peppers

  • sugar

  • oil

  • coffee

  • a Christmas cake

  • hot chocolate

  • a blanket to keep warm as they sleep on the cold dirt floor


Just $45 will make Christmas Miracles for an entire family, click here:

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