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We are actively involved in training nationals to better reach their nation with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are currently giving bible school classes to the pastors of the churches that we've built with GGO in Guatemala Grace Global Outreach is a church building/planting outreach of our home church in Texas.

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This year 2021, the Bush Bible school in the South Coast of Kenya has 2 classes going at the same time.   Between the two classes there are 39 students.  After teaching the initial class of 20 students, they took up the mantel of teaching other faithful men (and women!).  Altogether, around 80 students have graduated so far. 


After starting the newest classes the director told us that most of the current students didn’t have a bible.  Thanks to some very special people we were able to get them all bibles. We mentioned on FB that there was a need and you responded!  Thank you to each one who gave!  We don't have pics of everyone, but here are a few!


Also we had planned to go to the North coast of Kenya to the city of Malindi and teach the classes ourselves to kick off the first classes for the north coast.  But we were not able to go because parts of Kenya were closed.   We arranged for Bishop Douglas who was helping us start teaching the classes.  He was watching the teaching videos that we have in English and subsequently teaching 12 students.  We were also able to make sure that all of these students have bibles.  But suddenly and tragically he passed away.  We are seeking God has to how to proceed with the Malindi classes.  

We have constant ongoing costs of providing materials to the students.  We do not pay the teachers, but we do try to help them with offerings to offset any expenses that they may have incurred.  If you would like to help us train bush pastors please use this link:

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